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A Guide On How To Write Accounting Papers

Students are accustomed to writing several research papers throughout their schooling years. However, the style and format for writing papers differ with each discipline, for example, the format for writing accounting papers is different from the format for writing a chemistry paper. Therefore, it is important to know what each paper demands before you embark on the writing process.

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Steps involved in writing papers for accounting

  1. Topic selection. Often professors assign topics; but if one is not assigned and you’re having difficulty formulating one, consider reading a newspaper or watching the news. Always keep in mind that the topic needs to be relevant to you as well as your intended reading audience.
  2. Perform background research. Have at minimum three to four resources, which will enable you to advance a thesis argument for your paper.
  3. Generate a draft. Start by offering your essay statement before the draft. The essay statement should have at least two sentences that vividly outline the intent of your paper. This is the determining statement for your paper.
  4. Pen down your draft. The four main parts involved in your paper include introduction, body, conclusion and references.

    • The introduction bit must include your essay statement, elaborating the essence of your argument.
    • The body is the center of your thesis, where you need to offer evidence that backs up your essay statement.
    • Summarize your main points in the conclusion, clearly outlining how your points back up your essay statement.
    • The references bit should cite your sources on a separate page.
  5. Revision. Go through your drafts and outlines as you write your final paper. When writing, you will realize more information and ideas surfacing and also you may choose to omit or add some ideas, and re-arrange your idea flow in a cogent and logical fashion.
  6. Editing and proof-reading. This involves grammar and spelling checks, rechecking sentence build, and also ensuring all punctuations are correct.

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