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Top 5 Tools for Paper Writing

Every student wants to write an A+ paper. Unfortunately, not all students are good at essay writing. This makes writing assignments quite difficult for some students. But, regardless of the challenges that you are facing while writing your academic paper, you can find solutions by using the right tools.

Here are the top 5 tools that make academic paper writing easier:

  1. Hemingway
  2. Hemingway is a streamlined text editor that is accessed via a web browser. That means you don’t have to download this app to use it. Hemmingway is a trustworthy app that grades you on the basis of the readability of your work. It also guides you on how to improve sentences in your work. This app identifies sentences that are harder to read and places where you have used passive voice in your text. It also highlights long sentences and common grammatical errors using colors that make them clearer. Hemmingway spots excessive and unnecessary use of adverbs in a write-up. If you want to communicate clearly, this is a great tool for you. There is a free version of the app as well as a PC and MC versions that come with a fee.

  3. Encyclopedia
  4. This is a great tool for conducting research for your academic papers. Generally, professors don’t encourage the use of random sites and Wikipedia as the foundation of research for academic papers. Encyclopedia provides links to credible books that you can use as resources for your paper.

  5. FocusWriter
  6. This tool enables you to block distractions when you write paper online. It is available for Windows, Linux and OS X. The tool is designed to help you eliminate distractions that hinder you from concentrating on getting the job done. With this tool, you can hide other apps and customize how you want the text to appear on the screen. It can also keep track of your writing progress. This is a great tool that enables you to avoid spending your precious time on Twitter and other social media sites.

  7. Evernote
  8. Evernote is an innovative app that literally makes the life of a student easier. It is an effective and most popular app for organizing your writing and taking note. This tool enables you to gather quotes, ideas, and images during the day and use them later. It’s a great research tool that can be used to organize different types of content including snippets of an overheard dialog, location photos, scanned documents in PDF format, and other ideas that come up in your mind when you are out and about. The basic version of this tool is free and it enables you to come up with different notes and lists. The tool is particularly useful while conducting research and you need paper writing help to ensure proper organization.

  9. LibreOffice Writer
  10. This is a Microsoft Word’s alternative but it’s completely free. It’s open source software that has most Microsoft Word features. LibreOffice Template Center is one of its useful features because it has templates for different types of content.

If you are stuck in the process of writing your academic paper, try to use one of these tools. Nevertheless, if you have issues with the topic, research process or structure of your paper, seek help from your professor or sites that allow you to buy papers online.