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Tips On How To Write Economic Papers

Here is a general guide to writing economic papers. It will aid you in aligning your research work and help you avoid the usual drawbacks that you are likely to encounter. Follow this guide so you can advance greatly and write a concrete paper.

Structure for writing papers in economics from a paper writing company

  1. Literature reviews focused on ideas. Read and summarize the literature stating the main findings, empirical methodology employed as well as the data.
  2. Outline your contribution. In two to three paragraphs, state your action plan and using what data based on the literature review. It is important you convince the readers that what you intend to do is pertinent.
  3. Ensure you know your data. Utilize tables for your analysis and summary of your statistics.
  4. Empirical model based on literature. It is important to base your analysis in the most suitable methods in the literature and to make progress, regardless of whether you are using a similar model but with fresh data or one with new explanatory variables that you’ve introduced.
  5. Drafting process. Once you are completely satisfied with the enticing and sturdy results, commence building your paper.
    • Start with an introduction outlining what you intend to do and how it adds to the literature.
    • Outline your data in the second bit.
    • Outline your empirical approach in the third segment.
    • Explain your results in the fourth bit.
    • Lastly, make your conclusion.

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